Dry & Presaturated Wipes

Wipes for Cleanroom, Laboratory, Industrial, and Sterile Applications. Dry & Presaturated. Materials include Polyester, Nonwoven Poly-Cellulose, Cotton, and Microfiber. Custom and Private Label Options Available.

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Tacky Traxx™ Sticky Mats

Sticky floor mats offered in a variety of colors and sizes. These multi-layered adhesive mats are designed to remove dirt and other particles from foot and wheel traffic upon entering a cleanroom. Custom logo & private label options Tacky Traxx Mats also available.

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Disposable Garments

Aprons, Beard Covers, Bouffant Covers, Boot & Shoe Covers, Coveralls, Lab Coats, Facemasks, Sleeves, and Hoods. We stock protective apparel for a variety of cleanroom and industrial applications.

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Private Label Cleanroom SuppliesPrivate Label Options Available

We offer private label opportunities for a variety of our products, featuring custom packaging with your logo and contact info. Drop shipping services available.

Cleanroom Nitrile Gloves

Bee-Safe Class 100 Cleanroom Nitrile Gloves ideal for a variety of applications including Cleanroom, Lab, and Industrial. Available in 12″ length for extra protection.

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Green Monster Stencil Wiping rolls

Industry-Leading ESD-Safe Green Monster Stencil Wiping Rolls for DEK, MPM (Speedline), FUJI, EKRA, and Panasonic SMT Printers. These premium cleaning rolls reduce damage to equipment, defects, bridges, blocked apertures, low transfer efficiency, and solder contamination

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Grab-EEZ Cleanroom Wipe Dispenser

ESD Safe Cleanroom Wipe Dispenser. ISO Class 5 (Class 100)
Compatible, Eliminates wasteful wipe usage and cross-contamination.

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