Cleanroom Documentation

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The term “controlled environment” is not used lightly in highly sensitive industries. You must account for everything from the humidity in the air to the microscopic dust on the tables in a cleanroom. These rigorous standards also impact what kind of paper is allowed in the controlled space. Thankfully, High-Tech Conversions offers the proper cleanroom paper and documentation supplies that maintain the sanitary aspects of your controlled environment! ESD cleanroom paper is rated for class 100 ISO 5 cleanrooms and features low chloride and other ionic contaminants. Furthermore, our cleanroom documentation is formulated without magnesium silicate and is vacuum-packed in a double bag. All these measures ensure that our cleanroom documentation won’t generate excessive particles, fibers, or ionic contamination. Plus, ESD cleanroom paper boasts superior IPA resistance, protecting sensitive data and information from accidental damage and destruction.

Cleanroom Documentation

Bee-Write™ ESD Cleanroom Paper


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