Cleanroom Mops

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Cleanroom MopCleanroom Mops and Mopping Systems for Controlled Environments

Does your controlled environment have the optimal cleaning supplies and tools? Unlike normal settings, cleanrooms need specialized cleaning equipment to eliminate contamination and ensure higher-quality products. That means standard mops and wipers simply won’t cut it when accuracy and sanitation are paramount. That’s why our team at High-Tech Conversions proudly offers cleanroom mops specifically designed for sensitive environments.

We carry several high-quality cleanroom mops and mopping systems to ensure you always have the ideal tool for the job at hand! Our cleanroom mopping systems and disposable cleaning pads are ISO rated and carefully bonded to reduce linting and enhance cleaning processes. We also offer tacky roller products and resources for effective particulate matter removal procedures. These tools utilize a tacky foam surface that effectively eliminates dust, dirt, and other microscopic contaminants. In addition to the products listed on our website, we can also fulfill various custom requests.

For over 20 years, High-Tech Conversions has been the industry leader of cutting-edge products that are designed to lower your costs. Please get in touch with us for additional information on our selection of cleanroom mops.

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