SmartRolls® understencil wiping products exceed the demanding requirements of the equipment manufacturer and by offering the widest range of OEM compatible rolls in the global market today.

Because understencil wiping is so critical to the SMT PCB assembly process, we utilize only the highest quality materials. Our stencil cleaning rolls feature an advanced structure of exceptional strength, absorbency and low lint, resulting in increased stencil cleaning efficiency with optimum performance. SmartRolls effectively remove residual contaminants, with or without solvents. Our high quality rolls will help prevent many production defects associated with circuit board printing. The high tear resistance raises MTBF and reduces operator intervention, resulting in more efficient and low cost production. Due to their excellent airflow characteristics, these materials will not compromise vacuum power, optimizing aperture cleaning performance. We produce standard and custom roll configurations to maximize production requirements and improve the wiping process. SmartRolls are individually shrink wrapped in a protective static dissipative ESD safe film, with superior static control properties, allowing an unlimited shelf life.

SmartRolls® TDS TECHNOTalk Custom Roll Form

MPM / ITWEAE SmartRolls®

DEK SmartRolls®

EKRA SmartRolls®

FUJI SmartRolls®

JUKI SmartRolls®

SANYO SmartRolls®


YAMAHA SmartRolls®


Squeegees & Blades

Our OEM line of replacement blades and holders are designed and manufactured as a superior and cost-effective replacement for the squeegees that are available from the printer manufacturers. Our blades offer improved print deposition, uniformity and are known for long lasting stable performance in challenging fine pitch printing applications. JNJ’s SmartRolls and squeegees are the perfect complement for achieving optimum productivity and value

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Custom Spotlight

Our capabilities as a converter span from simple private labeling to complete product development and manufacturing. Our dedicated cross-functional team understands unique requirements with our proven experience in best-in-class manufacturing. This experience enables us to produce reliable, high-quality surface mount consumable products and innovative workflow solutions to increase yield and enhance productivity.

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ESD Packaging

JNJ was the first manufacturer to shrink wrap understencil rolls in protective static dissipative ESD safe film. Our static dissipative ESD film has superior static control capabilities, is amine-free and has inherent anti-static properties which provide permanent product stability. The surface resistivity remains at a constant level over extended periods. Made of top grade polyolefin resins, is polycarbonate compatible, completely recyclable and contains no harmful substances. Our shrink film is a light packaging concept which is environmentally safe and limits post-consumer waste.