Cleanroom Garments

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Cleanroom Garments that Provide Excellent Barrier Protection & Strength

We offer a variety of cleanroom garments designed to meet your PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) needs. This includes options that are lightweight, flexible & smooth, resistant to water & chemicals.

Ideal for Controlled Environments and Beyond

Our disposable cleanroom garments are ideal for a variety of applications that stretch far beyond the cleanroom. They are trusted in laboratories, food service and processing facilities, manufacturing facilities, medical facilities and more. Browse our selection of bouffants, boot covers, shoe covers, lab coats, coveralls, facemasks, beard covers, sleeves, hoods, aprons, eye glasses, and ear protection. Read More

Garment Material Comparison

MaterialKey AttributesProtection Rating
SMSVery durable. Excellent liquid and dust protection. Superior paritcle retention and water vapor transmission to keep users coolBest protection and durability
MicroporousCloth-like, waterproof barrier protection. Allows water vapor to escape.Medium with excellent water protection
PE Coated PolypropyleneLight liquid splash protectionBasic with water protection
Spunbound PolypropyleneCost-effective protection for light weight uses. LightweightBasic protection
PolyethyleneIdeal for shorter-term use for light weight protection. Poor barrier to liquids. Easy to rip and tear.Light and tempory protection

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