SuperSaturated SmartWipes

SuperSaturated SmartWipes® offer a distinct cleaning advantage to achieve increased productivity, safer handling and use, reduce waste and enhance profitability, They offer cleaning solutions where and when you need them. You will always have the right wipe, with the right chemistry at your fingertips.

In 1993, JNJ Industries first introduced saturated wipes into the SMT PCB assembly manufacturing industry and since then, they have become an integral part of the cleaning and manufacturing process. Our innovative and unique chemical portfolio has resulted in the widest selection of saturated wipe products in electronics worldwide. SuperSaturated SmartWipes® are ideal to increase process control and standardization, improve safety, reduce stringent VOC emissions, enhance convenience and, due to their exceptional solvent control, decrease solvent usage up to 50 percent.

Available in three durable, solvent retentive material substrates made from polyester, polyester/cellulose or cellulose/polypropylene, these wipes maximize the ability, consistency and efficiency to remove the most contaminants without leaving excess solvent behind. Packaged in recyclable, reusable canisters or earth-friendly vacuum-sealed foil bags.

SuperSaturated SmartWipes® & Foil Refill Packs