stencil-cleaning-wiping-rollsSMT Understencil Wiping Rolls are used to remove residual solder paste from the bottom side of PC Board stencils. Using Stencil Wiping Rolls prevents smearing, bridging, and solder balls caused by normal printing of solder paste onto PC Boards.

We manufacturer Stencil rolls in a wide range of sizes to fit popular printer models including; DEK machines, Speedline machines, MPM machines, EKRA machines, Panasonic machines, SMTech machines, and Yamaha machines.


  • GREEN MONSTER!™ Understencil Wiping Rolls offer superior performance compared to a standard paper-based roll. This revolutionary product is the only understencil wiping roll to be truly ESD-safe and lint-free!
  • Our Standard Paper (Cellulose) Understencil Wiping Rolls are a good option for those looking for an economy roll replacement without the additional benefits of a premium roll.
  • NOVA-TECH™ 9000 Understencil Wiping Rolls offer the same benefits as the GREEN MONSTER!™ rolls – White in color.
  • Aquavator Understencil Wiping Rolls are comprised of a synergistic blend of virgin rayon and polyester fibers that contains a water-active cleaning agent that will loosen and clean solder paste effectively from the bottom of stencils.

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