Cleanroom Wipes

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Cleanroom Wipes

Advanced Cleanroom Wipes for Contamination Control

As a leading manufacturer of cleanroom wipes for over 20 years, we know every particle matters in a controlled environment.

Our wipes for contamination control are made from the lowest-linting substrates available – free of bonding agents, adhesives or chemical additives.

Wipes manufactured by High-Tech Conversions are trusted for a variety of applications and industries including scientific research, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, hard disk drive, photonics, solar, aerospace, defense, automotive, nuclear-related and medical device manufacturing. Read More

Designed for Compliance

Our extensive line of cleanroom wipes is designed to meet the various strict requirements of the contamination control industry. With options ranging from USP 797 compatible sterile wipes to our full range of presaturated wiping options, we are certain to offer a product that meets your needs. Choose from our comprehensive line of low-linting wipes, industrial wipes, environmentally friendly wipes, sterile wipes, and presaturated wipes. We manufacture wipes designed for use in wide range of critical environments, including class 1 (ISO Class 3) wipesclass 10 (ISO Class 4) wipes, class 100 (ISO Class 5) wipes, and class 1,000 (ISO Class 6) wipes.

We offer a wide selection of virtually lint-free wipes to meet all your lint-free application requirements. Learn more about our virtually lint-free wipes >>

High-Tech Conversions manufactures extensive selections in levels of cleanliness, sizes, packaging, and dispensing variations cleanroom wipes to meet your cleanroom supplies needs. Our nonwoven cleanroom and industrial wipers are available in many materials, solutions and packaging styles. We guarantee customer satisfaction with our non-woven wipes performance offering exceptional absorbency, neatness, resistance to chemicals and abrasion resistance in your clean room environment. We manufacture a full line of technical textile products such as cellulose wipes, polycellulose wipes, rayon wipes, non-woven polypropylene wipes, and many other. Polyester cleanroom wipes guarantee low particle release and insignificant level of extractables and fully compliant with ISO Class 5 cleanrooms requirements.

Over past several years, we built our customer service excellence team to assist you with all your questions. Talk to our extensively trained, contamination controlled area product specialists to make your decision which custom-sized wipes meet your essential protocols of environment and is the best for your needs. We offer product samples for qualified opportunities and prospects to test our clean room products before placing a wholesale order.

In addition to your cleanroom wipe order, our account care specialist can help you to choose Grab-EEZ Cleanroom Wipe Dispensers that comply with your protocols. Grab-EEZ Cleanroom Wipe Dispenser was created by high customer demands for a Cleanroom Wipe Dispenser box suitable for use in ISO Class 5 (Class 100) cleanrooms and higher. It is sturdy, abrasion resistant, absorbent, and virtually free of particle generation. Watch this video to learn about benefits of using Grab-EEZ Cleanroom Wipe Dispenser in your controlled environment >>

Custom & Private Label Options

In addition to our stocked wiping options, we offer contract manufacturing, nonwoven converting, private label cleanroom wipes, drop shipping services and other wiping solutions customized to meet your specific requirements.