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Tacky Roller Mops for Cleanroom Surfaces including Walls, Floor, Ceilings, and Windows

Tacky Rollers are designed to remove particulate from flat and slightly textured surfaces within the cleanroom including floors, ceilings, and walls. Available in film or foam options, each roller “mop” contains perforated sheets that can be removed to expose the next sheet.

Tacky Roller Mops are a quick, clean, and cost-effective way to remove contamination from flat and slightly textured surface such as walls, floors and ceilings. Optional extension poles help reach high areas.

Different Types of Tacky Rollers

Foam – These are ideal for slightly textured surfaces. The foam adhesive sheets can work into the variations in the surface, removing particulate from areas that film rollers cannot. They are available in 9” and 18” widths.

Film – This option is intended for flat surfaces. Film rollers usually contain more sheets per roll than foam rollers. They are available in 9” and 18” widths.

Handles and extension poles are available to accommodate various sizes of rollers.

How To and Why Use a Tacky Roller

A tacky roller is exactly like a lint roller but looks more like a paint roller. Instead of rolling paint onto the wall, the rolling part features sticky polyethylene film sheets. When the tacky film is rolled over a surface, it grabs any loose matter, creating a particle free surface.

Once the sheet is contaminated and no-longer tacky, it’s time to tear it off and expose a new layer.

It’s a quick, clean, and cost-effective way to remove difficult particles from flat surfaces such as walls, tables, and windows.

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