ESD Wipes

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ESD WipesESD Wipes for Electronics Assembly & Static Control Applications

Our ESD Wipes feature anti-static attributes that make them ideal for use in a variety of electronics assembly applications. We stock options suitable for use in a variety of controlled environments including ultra-critical cleanrooms ISO 3-4 (Class 1-10) to ISO 7-8 (Class 10,000 to 100,000). Additionally, we offer Pink ESD Wipes and striped wipes, which are designed to identify them as ESD. Carbon core nylon fibers and tightly-knitted polyester provide the highest level of anti-static properties. [expand title=”Read More”]

We stock of variety of sizes as well as the ability to offer custom configurations to meet your exact needs. Private label and drop shipping services are available for this product. Our manufacturing and warehouse facility is located in Enfield, CT. For more information, please contact us. [/expand]

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