Chemo-Rated Gloves

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Chemo-Rated Gloves are required for various medical and pharmaceutical applications. ASTM-tested / chemo-rated gloves is a standard mentioned in USP 800, which states:

  • Only use gloves labeled as ASTM-tested chemotherapy gloves.
  • Use powder-free gloves.
  • Avoid gloves with defects, pin-holes or weak spots.
  • Wear two pairs of ASTM-tested gloves when compounding, administering, managing a spill, and disposing of Hazardous Drugs. For sterile preparations, only the outer glove shall be sterile. Wear the inner glove under the gown cuff and the outer glove over the cuff. Place gloves with long cuffs over the cuff of the gown to protect the wrist and forearm.