Polyester Cleanroom Wipes

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polyester_cleanroom_wipesWe offer a wide variety of in-stock and custom-made polyester cleanroom wipes. Choose from a selection of popular sizes for class 6-7 (1000-10000) to class 3-4 (1-10) cleanrooms. We also offer a variety of polyester wipes presaturated with the solvent and saturation level of your choice. Solvents include IPA and Hydrogen Peroxide (for low VOC requirements).

Additionally, our sterile polyester wipes are ideal for aseptic environments such as sterile compounding and sterile manufacturing/processing. These wipe are designed to meet the requirements set forth in USP797 and USP800.

For information about custom polyester cleanroom wipes such as private labeling, custom sizes/saturation levels, and drop shipping options – Contact us here.

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