Get to Know Your PCB Printer Stencil Wiping Roll

Lint-Free Stencil Roll Material While no material is entirely lint-free, there are materials that are [...]

Changes To USP800 and Why They Matter

For the last several years, there has been a great deal of anticipation regarding the [...]

High-Tech Conversions Products and Services Catalog

High-Tech Conversions has released a new product and services catalog for 2019. The 11 page [...]

Key Differences Between a Controlled Environment and a Clean Room

The terms clean room and controlled environment are used loosely in the contamination control industry. We will discuss the [...]

How to Read High-Tech Conversions Technical Data Sheet

High-Tech Conversions provides Technical Data Sheets (TDS) for all products manufactured in our facilities. A [...]

Surface Preparation Wipes for Automotive, Aerospace, and Industrial

Surface Preparation Wipes for Automotive, Aerospace, and Industrial – Presaturated with 85% IPA / 15% DI [...]

New Small Polyester IPA Wipes for Tough to Reach Areas

Introducing FREE-SAT™ FS-VS20-44.400, a new 4” x 4” Class 100 polyester wipe that is presaturated with [...]

Cleanroom Gowning Requirements

The following cleanroom gowning requirements are to be use as a recommendation only. Not all [...]

USP 800 Checklist

USP 800 is here – are you ready? Use this USP 800 Checklist for PPE [...]

USP 800 Adoption Date & Fast Facts

USP 800 became official on December 1, 2019. Are you prepared? Video Transcript: USP 800 [...]

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