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High-Tech Conversions Products and Services Catalog


High-Tech Conversions has released a new product and services catalog for 2019. The 11 page catalog lists product offerings for the various industries they serve, including: cleanroom, electronics assembly, industrial, and manufacturing. Table of Contents Presaturated Wipes – Page 3 Dry Wipes – Page 4 797 & 800 Sterile Wipes – Page 4 Tacky Floor […]

Key Differences Between a Controlled Environment and a Clean Room

Controlled Environment vs Clean Room

The terms clean room and controlled environment are used loosely in the contamination control industry. We will discuss the key differences between the two environments. When it comes to controlled environments vs. clean rooms, here is what you need to know. What’s a Controlled Environment? A controlled environment, also referred to as a critical environment, must control pressure, temperature, […]

How to Read High-Tech Conversions Technical Data Sheet

reading data sheet

High-Tech Conversions provides Technical Data Sheets (TDS) for all products manufactured in our facilities. A datasheet, data sheet, or spec sheet is a document that summarizes the performance and other technical characteristics of a product or material. TDS’s include sufficient detail which can then be used by a cleanroom specialist to properly integrate the product […]

Surface Preparation Wipes for Automotive, Aerospace, and Industrial

Presaturated Surface Prep Wipes

Surface Preparation Wipes for Automotive, Aerospace, and Industrial – Presaturated with 85% IPA / 15% DI water FREE-SAT™ FS-NTP-1711.85 by High-Tech Conversions are 11” x 17” polypropylene wipes designed for general wiping and surface preparation in industrial, aerospace, and automotive manufacturing. They are presaturated with 85% isopropyl alcohol / 15% DI water making them suitable for […]

New Small Polyester IPA Wipes for Tough to Reach Areas

Free Sat Polyester Presaturated Wipers 70% IPA 30% DI Water 4" x 4"

Introducing FREE-SAT™ FS-VS20-44.400, a new 4” x 4” Class 100 polyester wipe that is presaturated with 70% IPA and 30% DI Water. The FS-VS20-44.400 is saturated with 70% isopropyl alcohol and 30% DI water. It’s made from knitted virgin polyester with four clean cut edges – making this wipe virtually lint-free and ideal for a variety […]

Cleanroom Gowning Requirements

Cleanroom Gowning Requirements

The following cleanroom gowning requirements are to be use as a recommendation only. Not all cleanrooms will use the same gowning procedures. Follow your specific cleanroom or company procedural manual before this guide. Cleanroom Gowning Guide (Non-Sterile Cleanrooms) Wash and dry hands thoroughly Bouffant Cap – Use a bouffant cap to completely cover hair. Cleanroom […]

USP 800 Checklist

USP 800 Checklist

USP 800 will be implemented July 1st, 2018. Are you ready? Our free USP 800 Checklist for PPE can help you get a jump start. The following checklist addresses the Receipt & Storage, Compounding, Administration, Deactivation / Decontamination / Cleaning / Disinfection, Spills, and Disposal of PPE (personal protective equipment) for sterile and non-sterile compounding. Download […]

USP 800 Adoption Date & Fast Facts

USP 800 Adoption Date & Fast Facts

USP 800 will be implemented beginning July 1st, 2018. Are you prepared? Video Transcript: USP 800 is an updated version of USP 797 The focus of these chapters is to define the regulations for handling hazardous drugs, including practice and quality standards. These regulations promote: Worker safety Patient safety Environmental protection Handling includes receipt, storage, compounding, […]

Contract Manufacturing and Private Labeling Solutions

Private Label Wipes

High-Tech Conversions now offers a variety of private labeling and contract manufacturing services. Drop-shipping options are also available. Examples of products that can be privately labeled include dry and presaturated cleanroom wipes, cleanroom sticky mats, gloves, and cleanroom apparel. Converting services include slitting, rewinding, sheeting, folding, sewing, die-cutting, and heat sealing. In addition, packaging and […]