What Is Electrofusion?

What Is Electrofusion? If you are interested in welding, then you may have heard of [...]

What materials can be used in a cleanroom? What is not allowed?

Understanding what materials can be brought into the cleanroom is a crucial step to controlling [...]

Comprehensive Alcohol Wipes Guide

When it comes to alcohol wipes, the smallest things can make a world of difference. [...]

Cleanroom Classifications / Apparel Recommendation Chart

What are the Cleanroom Classifications and how are they determined? Current cleanroom classifications are defined [...]

Disposable Glove Terms – Everything You Need To Know

Below is a list of commonly used disposable gloves terms. Disposable gloves are used for [...]

New Economical IPA Wipe Option

High-Tech Conversions has expanded their offering of presaturated wipes. Several new sizes and saturation levels [...]

New Products and Services Brochure

Our new brochure features our entire product line as well as information on the services [...]

Knitted (Woven) Polyester Wipes vs Nonwoven Polyester Wipes

Polyester is a synthetic fiber formed by polymerization. Polyester is the ideal cleanroom wipe material [...]

New and Improved GRAB EEZ Cleanroom Wipe Dispenser

(Enfield, CT – April 16, 2021) – High-Tech Conversions has released a new and improved [...]

Disinfectants in a Cleaning and Sanitization Program

When developing a cleaning and sanitization program, it is critical to select the proper disinfectants [...]

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