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Different Sources of Contamination within the Cleanroom

When it comes to maintaining the critical nature of a cleanroom, vigilance is key. Understanding [...]

The Role of Cleaning in PCB Assembly and Manufacturing

We discuss the importance of cleaning in PCB assembly and manufacturing, and how it can [...]

The PCB Assembly Process

The printed circuit board, or PCB, assembly process is not a part of the manufacturing [...]

High-Tech Conversions Adding JNJ Industries

Company grows specialty cleaning supplies business for tech, electronics, cleanrooms, others ENFIELD—August 3, 2022 — [...]

New and Improved GRAB EEZ Cleanroom Wipe Dispenser

(Enfield, CT – April 16, 2021) – High-Tech Conversions has released a new and improved [...]

New ESD/Anti-Static Disposable Shoe Covers

ESD Shoe Covers Designed to Protect Static Sensitive Devices (Enfield, CT – October 19, 2020) [...]

Different Types of Isopropyl Alcohol

What are the different grades of isopropyl alcohol? Several grades of isopropyl alcohol (IPA) exist [...]

Get to Know Your PCB Printer Stencil Wiping Roll

Lint-Free Stencil Roll Material While no material is entirely lint-free, there are materials that are [...]

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