High-Tech Conversions Introduces New Cleanroom Wipe Dispenser

(Enfield, CT – September 26, 2014) – High-Tech Conversions has announced the official release of the GRAB-EEZ, a patent-pending ESD Safe Cleanroom Wipe Dispenser.

This wall-mountable cleanroom wipe dispenser is specifically designed to be used in a variety of controlled environments including medical, pharmaceutical, life science, laboratory, and electronics manufacturing facilities.

The GRAB-EEZ was designed and manufactured by High-Tech Conversions after a large number of requests were made for a cleanroom safe wipe dispenser. After listening to those requests, Claudio Orefice, founder and CEO of High-Tech Conversions went to work on the GRAB-EEZ.

“We identified a need for an ESD safe cleanroom wipe dispenser after talking to customers, cleanroom facility managers, and even from our own manufacturing staff” said Orefice. He went on to say, “I designed this dispenser to solve a variety of challenges faced by cleanroom wipe users. There is a substantial amount of waste happening in these clean environments, and the GRAB-EEZ is designed to cut back on that in terms of wipe use.”

Orefice continues, “We needed this dispenser to be 100% cleanroom safe, which is why we selected the highest grade ESD safe plastics – suitable for use in ISO Class 5 (Class 100) cleanrooms and higher.”

The GRAB-EEZ is designed with simplicity being a top priority. Typically, cleanroom wipes are supplied in flat sheets and placed on a table or in trays within a cleanroom. Because the facility personnel is required to wear gloves, it is very difficult to select one wipe at a time. Consequently, sometimes three or more wipes are selected – resulting in wasteful use. The unique double C-folded cleanroom wipes, also manufactured by High-Tech Conversions are stacked inside the unit, protected from the environment until use.

Each dispenser is prepared and cleaned in a cleanroom and double bagged before it is first introduced into the cleanroom where it will be used.

High-Tech Conversions is a manufacturer of innovative cleaning products for controlled environments including wipes, gloves, apparel, SMT cleaning stencil wipes, and more. They produce industry leading products that are trusted by companies involved in electronics assembly, scientific research, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical industries.

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