The “Wicked Awesome” Industrial Grade, All-Purpose Wipe

Wicked Awesome Wipes - Disposable Shop Rags

High-Tech Conversions is excited to introduce Wicked Awesome® Wipes, a completely new industrial grade wipe. These double re-crepe cellulose wipers offer exceptional strength, durability, and are wicked absorbent!

Wicked Awesome Wipes® are durable enough to handle most surfaces yet soft enough to be used on face and hands. They have a soft outer layer with a highly absorbent inner layer making them suitable for grease and grime as well as solvents and other liquids. They are perfect for use in a variety of applications and industries including, Manufacturing, Automotive, Food, Maintenance, Laboratories, Aerospace, Printing, Marine, and more.

Wicked Awesome® Wipes are packaged in a convenient center pull dispenser with handles. The blue box features a quote that states, “If you’re not from New England, you wouldn’t understand.”

High-Tech Conversions continues to lead the way with innovative cleaning products for controlled environments including wipes, gloves, apparel, stencil wipes, and more. For more information, contact High-Tech Conversions at 860-265-2633 or visit

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