Knitted (Woven) Polyester Wipes vs Nonwoven Polyester Wipes


Polyester is a synthetic fiber formed by polymerization. Polyester is the ideal cleanroom wipe material because it is extremely low-linting and low in non-volatile residues (NVRs). In addition to being extremely clean, polyester material is non-abrasive, durable, tear resistant, and heat resistant.

There are two different types of polyester cleanroom wipes available today. Let us investigate the difference between Knitted (Woven) Polyester Wipes and Nonwoven Polyester wipes.

What are the Key Differences Between Woven and Non-Woven Polyester Wipes?

Polyester Knit (Woven) Cleanroom Wipe

Knitted wipes, or woven wipes, are among the cleanest wipes available on the market. At its core polyester is a non-shedding synthetic fiber that is also low in NVRs – the perfect combination for a cleanroom wipe. Woven polyester fabrics are made by continuously knitting or looping monofilament. This results in a cleanroom wipe that is extremely durable with great tensile strength. Since the material is so durable it can undergo a multitude of special processes including cleanroom laundering, cutting, and heat sealing. Polyester wipes that are double-knitted and heat sealed can be used in cleanroom up to ISO Class 3 (10).

Benefits of Polyester Knit Polyester Cleanroom Wipes
  • Extremely clean
  • Excellent for absorbing solvents
  • Very Durable
  • Can undergo a multitude of laundering/finishing processes

Nonwoven Polyester Wipes

Nonwovens are engineered textiles made from made from bonding short fibers and long fibers. Knitting or weaving the fabric together is not needed in the manufacturing process, resulting in an economical way to produce a finished product. Additionally, nonwoven fabrics can be manipulated to perform a variety of behaviors and take on many types of characteristics. Nonwoven polyester wipes are designed to provide better absorption than knitted polyester wipes. The fibers are closer together making them softer than polyester wipes. does not require laundering

Benefits of Nonwoven Polyester Cleanroom Wipes
  • Economical, lower cost of manufacturing
  • Can be produced in very wide widths
  • Soft wiping surface is ideal for sensitive surface
  • Absorbs aqueous solutions in addition to solvents

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