Presaturated H202 Wipes

Presaturated H202 Wipes

(Enfield, CT – September 17, 2015) – High-Tech Conversions has introduced a new line of Hydrogen Peroxide Wipes. These wipes were designed for cleanrooms, laboratories, medical facilities, and other environments where keeping VOC’s to a minimum is vital.

Hydrogen Peroxide Wipes by High-Tech Conversions are a viable alternative to presaturated isopropyl alcohol wipes because they are non-flammable, leave no residue and contain reduced VOC’s. In addition, these wipes provide an environmentally safe cleaning alternative to chlorine-based bleach and are a good hard surface disinfectant wiping option.

These polyester knit wipes are available in 3% and 6% Hydrogen Peroxide saturation options and come in variations suitable for use in class 1-10 and class 100 cleanrooms. They are offered in size 12” x 12” and are designed for cleaning large and small surfaces. Each bag is lot numbered.

For more information, view the Hydrogen Peroxide Wipes here or call 860-265-2633.

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