IPA Wipes

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IPA Wipes for Cleanroom, Laboratory, and Industrial Applications

IPA Wipes, often combined with DI Water provide a quick and convenient method of wiping compared to dry wipes. They offer cost-saving opportunities because the eliminate the need to buy IPA in spray bottle form. IPA Wipes come in a variety of substrates including Polyester, Polycellulose, Nonwoven, Polypropylene, and Cotton. The most critical applications will require an ultra-clean material such as polyester with sealed-edges to eliminate loose particles during use. We offer wipes pre-wetted with IPA for non-medical and other non direct to skin applications. Our range of low-lint wipers includes Cleanroom Wipes, Presaturated Wipes, ESD Wipes, and Sterile Wipes. We also carry a complete line of Industrial Wipes.

In addition to our stocked products, we also offer custom manufacturing and drop-shipping services from our facility in Enfield, Connecticut. Contact Us for more information.