Ultimate Guide to Private Labeling eBook – Free Download

Contract Manufacturing and Private Labeling Solutions
Ultimate Guide to Private Labeling eBook - Free Download

Topic covered include:

  • Private label checklist
  • Keys to successful branding
  • Benefits of private labeling

High-Tech Conversions now offers a variety of private labeling and contract manufacturing services. Drop-shipping options are also available. Examples of products that can be privately labeled include dry and presaturated cleanroom wipes, tacky floor mats, gloves, and cleanroom apparel.

Converting services include slitting, rewinding, sheeting, folding, sewing, die-cutting, and heat sealing. In addition, packaging and labeling is also available. They are also capable of saturating nonwovens with a variety of solvents, including various blends of isopropyl alcohol.

Private Label Wipes

High-Tech Conversions is a manufacturer of innovative cleaning products for controlled environments including wipes, gloves, apparel, SMT cleaning stencil wipes, and more. They produce industry leading products that are trusted by companies involved in electronics assembly, scientific research, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical industries.

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