High-Tech Conversions Adding JNJ Industries


Company grows specialty cleaning supplies business for tech, electronics, cleanrooms, others

ENFIELD—August 3, 2022 — High-Tech Conversions has announced the acquisition of JNJ Industries. These two nationally recognized New England-based manufacturers serve similar markets with cutting-edge cleaning products, and, as such, are coming together as High-Tech Conversions, specializing in innovative supplies for critical environments.

Founded in 1995, Connecticut-based High-Tech Conversions is a leader in the cleanroom and controlled environment space, with a full line of cleanroom wipes, industrial wipes, cleanroom garments, cleanroom sticky mats, stencil wiping rolls, and more, engineered to the exacting standards of controlled environments, PCB assembly lines, laboratories, and manufacturing facilities across the world.

JNJ Industries is a single-source provider for specialty components, solvents, and consumable supplies essential to maintain high quality standards, especially focused on electronic assembly and industrial manufacturing processes.

The complementary nature of the products sold, and markets served by High-Tech and JNJ makes theirs a perfect grouping and the combination of energies, resources, and talents equal more than the sum of the parts. High-Tech Conversions will continue serving its customers and will also now serve JNJ Industries’ customers, who will experience no change to or interruption in service. Adding the product lines of JNJ will also allow High-Tech Conversions to offer expanded product breadth and explore new markets.

For more information, contact High-Tech Conversions at 1699 King St., Suite 108, Enfield, CT 06082. Phone: 860-265-2633. Email: info@high-techconversions.com. Web: www.high-techconversions.com

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