New Small Polyester IPA Wipes for Tough to Reach Areas

Free Sat Polyester Presaturated Wipers 70% IPA 30% DI Water

Introducing FREE-SAT™ FS-VS20-44.400, a new 4” x 4” Class 100 polyester wipe that is presaturated with 70% IPA and 30% DI Water. The FS-VS20-44.400 is saturated with 70% isopropyl alcohol and 30% DI water. It’s made from knitted virgin polyester with four clean cut edges – making this wipe virtually lint-free and ideal for a variety of cleanroom applications. Additionally, the small size of the wipe makes it suitable for wiping small parts and tough to reach areas in equipment.

Suitable wiping applications for the FS-VS20-44.400 include cleanrooms, labs, print head cleaning, and manufacturing settings. They are tough, abrasion resistant, absorbent, and virtually free of particle generation. FS-VS20-44.400 are packaged 400 wipes per bag, 2 bags per case.

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